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We are tax preparers and bookkeepers based out of the Fort Myers, FL and Estero area. We love helping our local clients.


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From taxes to bookkeeping, we do it all!

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Business Services


Budgeting can be simple, in general. It’s just a type of planning. It answers important questions for you, or for your business.

  1. Where is the money going?
  2. What do you want available funds to accomplish for you, or for your business?
  3. Are things working out how we planned?
  4. Do we need to adjust the plan or adjust the spending?


Your employees must be paid for the hard work they do for you. After all you wouldn’t be able to serve your customers without your employees.

Payroll taxes must be handled too, and on time. There’s a lot to do! Ask us about payroll services so you can get back to focusing on your product or service. Let us worry about those payroll deadlines.


Our favorite, but maybe not yours. It can be frustrating when things just don’t balance out. A bank account, an inventory report, an inter-company transfer or an escrow account can each present their own challenge. In the end, the story is told and the truth comes out recapped briefly in the reconciliation report provided to you.


We can help you keep track of your inventory and show you how you can manage this side of your business with more efficiency.

Interim & Year End Reporting

We compile Financial Statements to help provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions in your business.

Quickbooks ProAdvisor

You can find Gail and Alissa listed as a QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We keep up with continuing education to bring you the latest benefits of this amazing program. Have you had trouble keeping up with your expenses and invoicing in QuickBooks. We offer packages that will allow us to take that off your hands and give you more peace of mind.

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Tax Services

Corporation/ S Corporation Tax Returns

Don’t have your corporate tax preparer on staff ? That’s okay! We can help. Whether you need assistance getting your information together or you’ve got it all together, we want to be there for you.

Individual Income Tax Returns

You want to find deductions that apply to you and you want to comply with all tax rules. Where do you start? Start right here. Ask for an organizer today.

Payroll Tax Returns/ Information Returns

These types of returns come in a variety of different forms and complexity levels. From sales tax to tourist tax. From tangible tax to communication services tax, and from W-2’s to 1099’s. Lets make sure these are accurately and timely reported together.

Our Vision

Each client, each individual, each small business, each family, each tax situation is unique and deserves individual attention. We would like to support you through your journey.

You don’t have to go it alone. We want to be a helping hand whether you need one time organization assistance, once a year tax preparation, monthly/weekly bookkeeping. We are here for you.

Our Qualifications

We have over 30 years’ experience compiling financial statements, preparing various tax forms, and assisting small businesses with payroll, office efficiency & compliance.

Gail J Davis and Alissa Nguyen are listed on the Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications encouraged for tax preparers.

Gail J Davis and Alissa Nguyen are also QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisers.

What Others Say

“Awesome service! Detailed, friendly and reasonable!!”
Kathy Stobb, Eventide Realty Services LLC
“Been going to them since 2017 and must say this is the most professional and well detailed tax professionals I’ve gone to. Gail always makes sure we are well aware of any changes for our taxes with very fast service! Would recommend them to my family and friends.”
“Been very happy with their service. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Very timely. Help me with any and all questions I have. Great service!”
Jessica B
“Gail offers fantastic detail-oriented service, probably the best we’ve ever had.”
Local Fort Myers Business Owner
“The most professional accountant in town. Gail is very knowledgeable of all things related to corporate and personal taxes and provides you with the best customer service experience period. Don’t hesitate to contact her as you will NOT be disappointed.”
Local Fort Myers Business Owner